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To an extent it’s a problem with fandom: the fact is that you’ve got thousands of intelligent people thinking about a problem, and statistically speaking some of them are likely to come up with something more clever than the creators. […] There comes a point at which, frankly, fandom IS better than the creators. We have more minds, more cumulative talent, more voices arguing for different kinds of representation, more backstory… The thing is that I rarely get involved with a show without a fandom anymore, because I actually enjoy the analysis and fic and fun more than I enjoy the show itself. Similarly, I get drawn into shows I otherwise wouldn’t really consider by the strength of their fandom. And I want the shows to live up to their fandom, but it’s an almost impossibly high bar, because the parts of fandom I choose to engage with are often parts that wouldn’t be considered sufficiently accessible or relevant to a majority of viewers. So… basically, for me, fandom is primary, and canon is secondary. The latter is really only there to facilitate the former.

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#this is the first time i’ve really articulated this #and i was quite pleased with it #this is the thing: i care so much less about original material than i do about fanworks

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Sam sympathizes with monsters because he fears he is a monster and wants to believe he can be saved.
In contrast, Dean knows he is a monster and that monsters don’t deserve to be saved.



headcanon that night vale has its own version of “breaking bad,” only instead of being about a chemistry teacher who cooks meth it’s about a sheriff’s secret police officer who bakes illegal wheat and wheat by-products. it’s called “baking bad.”





Accordion to a recent survey, replacing words with the names of musical instruments in a sentence often goes undetected.

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Do you think he pretended he was Captain America when he was fighting?


My god…

He’s playing theme music in his head - because let’s be honest. It’s not like this was actually a real fight for him.

Agent Coulson is one of those few men who has been pretending to be his hero for so long he’s turned into everyone else’s hero in his own right and doesn’t even realize it.

Oh, that last statement is perfect. Oh, PHIL.


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This episode is a perfect example as to why I love South Park and the way it looks at society.

people are so quick to dismiss this show as offensive and fail to see the way they expertly tackle issues in a real way.

My friend said something real when we were watching a couple South Park episodes together (including this one).

She said, “if the show is ridiculed for being fucked up, but they base all their jokes on real life, then maybe it’s reality that’s fucked up.”

Man that’s a good point. Have another:

She’s ten years old. She’s ten years old and has been, for at least three years, one of the main character’s major crush. She already is appealing to a main character, and she even knows it. And she still feels, as a ten year old who is at least conventionally attractive to her peers if not the most attractive to her peers, that she needs to oversexualise herself.

It’s not just the society remark on sexualising women in media they’re mentioning. It’s that even the pretty girls feel this way- and even children do. And that even children are starting to feel that sex is necessary to be worthwhile. This is one of their best scenes and they nailed it on multiple levels if you’d seen the first three seasons where she was literally the hot chick.

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Anthony Mackie being the first black superhero (and making Bill O’Reilly uncomfortable) on Jimmy Fallon (x)

I am so happy that Anthony Mackie is a person that exists.

For anyone who’s going: “But what about Storm/Hancock/Frozone/War Machine etc etc?”: they’re referring to the fact that the character Falcon was the first African-American superhero* created (debuted in Captain America #177 in 1969). If you’ve watched the clip, you’ll notice that Mackie corrects Jimmy Fallon when he says first black superhero. This is because the first black superhero was Black Panther - debuted in Fantastic Four #52 in 1966 - whom lives in the fictive African country Wakanda, and is thus not a citizen of the USA.

(* = the word “superhero” is usually not used for hero characters that pre-date Superman, nor actually very often used outside the mainstream comic book companies aka DC Comics and Marvel Comics. This is why such characters as The Phantom, created in 1936 aka 2 years before Superman, and whom wears spandex and a mask and punches evil guys in the face, is not generally dubbed a super hero. Anyway, the point of this asterisk is that I have no idea how many fictional, non-“super” hero characters there were of African decent before 1966)


tumblr reacts to the how i met your mother series finale part 1

part 2

part 3

Seriously that comment about Glee.  I’ve never seen a fandom so pissed.


a man wrote an article about this mysterious new Fan Fiction craze, and oh boy did we all learn a lot from it.

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